• Insurance forms
  • Insurance referrals (Acupuncture,Chiro,Orthotics,Massage,Physio,Podiatry(FootCare) & Sports Medicine)
  • NOTES for school or work
  • Specialist Referrals – Medical (All Medical, Surgical, Pediatric and Psychiatric sub specialists)
  • Specialist Referrals – Paramedical (including Audiology, Optometrists, Psychologists, and Speech Language Pathologists)
  • Work related issues including completion of all the necessary WSIB documentation


  • Andropause, Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual health
  • Medical conditions (Stable, non Life-threatening) including metabolic syndromes, allergic reactions
  • Mental Health issues
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Assessments
  • Pre-Employment and Ministry of Transportation Physicals (non-OHIP)
  • STD / STI Testing
  • Student Health
  • Well-baby visits
  • Well female exams including PAP tests, mammograms and bone density testing


  • On site X-Ray, Ultrasound, Bone densitometry, Cardiac testing and MRI
  • On site full-service laboratory
  • Rapid strep testing
  • TB skin testing for both education and employment
  • Urinalysis and Pregnancy testing


  • Burn management
  • Foreign body removal from eye or skin
  • Fracture Management (non-operative) with on-site Casting suite
  • Immunizations (Adult and Children)
  • Injections (Allergy, B12, Depo-Provera, many others)
  • Laceration repair
  • Minor surgery
  • Wart treatments (Liquid Nitrogen)


  • Flu Shots
  • On site Pharmacy
  • Prescription renewals
  • Smoking cessation
  • Travel Immunizations counselling and administration (non-OHIP)
  • Weight loss counselling